AirZing Pro 5040

193,00 100,00 NET PRICENET PRICE

Original OSRAM material, given with permission.




Lamp designed by Osram for the purification of air and surfaces, it is equipped with a 36 W UVC lamp and an infrared safety sensor for presence detection and has a 30 sec. Ignition delay. to allow operators to leave the environment to be treated.

Technology widely used in both Germany and China in the fight against Covid 19.

Suitable for hospitals, clinics, waiting rooms, schools, gyms etc.

It can also be used for sanitizing tables, trolleys and surfaces in general.

It is suitable for the treatment of areas up to 20 square meters depending on the placement height which on average ranges from 2.5 to 4 meters. (see leaflet tables)

The lamp has a life of 9000 hours and does not produce ozone.

Made in the E.U. by Osram.

36 months warranty



Consumption: 40W

Lamp Power 36 W.

Dimensions L1363mm / W54mm / H78mm

Weight 1.5kg (net) /2.2kg (box)