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This device has been designed to nebulize a dry sanitizing liquid, which means that the fog is produced at high pressure, generating very small particles of 8 microns, and has no humidity inside, so it will not go to damage instruments or equipment that require sanitization.

The SANISPRAY system itself does not guarantee the sanitization of the environment but is suitable for the nebulization and drying of a liquid suspension which, if used at the correct concentration, can guarantee the sanitation of the environment.

As demonstrated by hospital tests performed on Covid 19 infected environments (see tests performed)


It is therefore necessary to use the correct sanitizing liquids for this purpose, we offer a tested and certified one, the EWS Solution.

SANISPRAY is suitable for working in rooms of 30/40 square meters with a maximum height of 4 meters. and once the environment is saturated, it is sufficient to let the particles settle on the surfaces for a time of 20/30 minutes and then ventilate the rooms.

Used with the right products, it guarantees optimal sanitation even for very high-risk environments such as clinics, hospital wards, and can therefore be used in any type of closed environment, as it can. also be a waiting room, or a motor vehicle.

Working for saturation of the environment, it easily reaches even the narrowest gorges such as the items displayed in a shop, keyboards, telephones, etc. Helps limit absenteeism in the workplace.

SANISPRAY it’s made in Italy.

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