Micromotors, how to choose them?


The dental technician must pay close attention when choosing a micromotor, an essential tool in the dental laboratory, based on several criteria. The first important consideration is ergonomics, i.e., the shape, weight, balance and working position of the tool to ensure comfortable, relaxed and precise use. In addition, the internal technology of the tool, such as speed, type of movement, efficient and durable mechanics, and torque, must be appropriate for the dental technician’s work needs. It is also advisable to move toward a micromotor that reaches at least 40,000 rpm and has an induction motor to ensure high speeds and torque of at least 5 N/Cm or higher, with reduced noise and vibration. In addition, it is important to consider routine and non-routine maintenance of the micromotor and ease of bearing replacement and spindle cleaning to prevent breakage and too frequent maintenance. It is important to ensure that the supplier can directly guarantee service. Finally, the positioning of the control unit should be carefully considered according to the preferences of the dental technician by choosing a benchtop or floor control box.


On the other hand, for those who choose a micromotor to perform retouching in the office, there is no need to purchase extremely high-performance devices since their use will be medium/light.
Often a good brush-type micromotor that provides 35,000 RPM is more than sufficient for the purpose. Perhaps prioritize motor torque by choosing a value around 3.5 N/Cm.


It’s a good idea to choose a handpiece that has good reliability, which unfortunately you can’t see by looking at it. Already knowing the type of motor though can help us. An induction motor is true that it costs a little more when you buy it, but since it does not have carbon brushes it is quieter, guarantees better performance and will not have the need to replace them.
Also keep in mind that an appliance adequate for its use will have fewer problems than an undersized one that will tend to heat up and wear out quickly.