COVID-19, a virus also in the air of the corridors outside the rooms of the infected

An article published on the National Science Foundation website confirms that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the pandemic disease COVID-19, circulates in the air surrounding infected people, gets to creep into the air grids and can even infect the air of the corridors in front of the rooms where the infected are hospitalized or kept in quarantine.
The article refers to a study that appeared in Nature Scientific Reports, another that provides evidence that the new coronavirus is capable of contaminating practically the entire environment frequented by infected people, not only surfaces but also the air.
The researchers carried out their analyzes in 11 rooms of health facilities in which 13 people confirmed positive for the virus were kept in isolation.
The analyzes confirmed not only the viral contamination of the surfaces commonly used inside the rooms of isolated people but also of the air grids, a potential factor for the distribution of the same virus in other environments.
Furthermore, the results, as noted in the press release, show that even those infected who are “slightly ill” are able to spread the virus and contaminate surfaces and therefore pose a risk of transmission.
Finally, the researchers also analyzed air samples taken from the corridors outside the patients’ rooms, environments in which the hospital staff moved freely, confirming that they were also positive.
“This study increases our understanding of the stability and spread of SARS-CoV-2 in indoor environments,” explains Joanna Shisler, director of NSF’s Integrated Organ Systems Division.