Back to school

Don’t tell me there was no time, our kids have been home since the end of February and since then the goal has been to find a way to send them back to school.
The uncertainty with which schools are reopened is certainly justified by the many unknowns that the virus brings, but the many decision-making uncertainties that have accompanied, and will accompany, this beginning of the school year are not justifiable.
The management of the reopening of the school confirmed that every issue in our country is never contextualized.
Everyone thinks as if the problem is isolated and not in a system that in this case is called: people’s day.
Discussions continued on how to get students in and out of the classroom, who has to measure the temperature, how the classrooms should be organized, but we do not hear the opinion of those who manage the transport, the principals, the teachers, the pediatricians, the doctors and obviously no parents. And this for the management of the boy in school.
But when does he leave or when he cannot enter who has thought of it?
After hearing from the Government and the competent Ministers to ensure aid to the families of students for a possible forced return home, we asked the Labor Consultant of the OMCeO in Rome to help us understand the rules applied, or already available, to help them. I don’t know what your feeling was after reading the article.
My conclusion, once I finished writing it, was that the government’s response to workers with children is this: “fix”. Moreover, as they have always done.
Certainly not a “fix” the same for everyone. In reality, those who have children under 14 and carry out work that can also be done from home, the extension of the possibility of working from home certainly helps.
But who can’t do it like the ASOs, the almost 10,000 dentists under 45 who practice the profession? (then always assuming that it must be the mother who has to manage the children)
The only solution seems to be to take holidays if possible, or unpaid leave. Without considering that the worker usually serves where he was hired and without him the company also suffers, in this case the firm. Those who work on their own, even worse, do not work and send patients back.
I hope that President Conte and his Ministers are not really convinced that even manual work can already be done remotely. That of the surgeon who leaves the church to operate remotely through the connection of the 5G mobile phone is an advertisement, however, to finish the intervention in the presence of the patient, in the operating room with a mask, gloves and gown, there is also a woman.
You may say, but this is a question that affects all companies, all workers, not just the dental sector.
Of course, true, even then, to be precise. How many interventions or requests for serious and real interventions in politics to help working parents have you heard or read?
I am few, and certainly not very convincing.
Of course, I repeat, to be particularly penalized are freelancers, self-employed persons, those who carry out jobs (and their employers) who do not allow smart working and who have children over 14 years of age. But I would say a large number of families.
If the child of your ASO or of your hygienist or dentist who works in the office (I continue the cliché that it is the mother who always has to answer “I am coming”) wakes up with some line of fever or even just with a cough and a some cold (in some schools these last two symptoms are enough to not be able to bring the child to school), or if at mid-day he receives the phone call from the school advising to come and pick up the child with possible symptoms of the virus, what will you do?
And how many days will he have to stay at home and you without ASO, since they can’t even turn to their grandparents, so as not to put them in danger?
What will be the damage for the study, as well as for the worker whose salary will be reduced?
In order to obtain 600 euros, communiqués of protests and indignations were spent for weeks. For this aspect, nothing.
It is probably the memory of my children who went to elementary and middle school perpetually with cough and cold that makes me worry unfairly. Or is it right to worry and think that now and throughout the winter there will be more students at home than at school?
And then the days that the schools have already planned with distance lessons, what do you do?
Instead, perhaps the student is right who yesterday gave Minister Azzolina a t-shirt with the words: “What a hard life as a minister”, of course, I assume, hoping for a recommendation.
In my opinion it is worse, and not only from tomorrow, being a woman, separated, precarious and having to manage a child too. But it is also enough to be a parent with a job or an activity to defend with the nails, as well as with the mask, for the first lines of baby fever, to envy no